05.06.11 – Melanie and Brad – Caesar’s Palace (Las Vegas, NV)

One thing about making Las Vegas your home is you forget how fun of a town it really is! Now that we are no longer living there, it has been great continuing to book a few weddings each year there! For one, it gives me a chance to visit my parents, who live in nearby Summerlin, but it also allows for me to see the town from a different perspective! It is now a destination location for me which has given me a fresh appreciation! My clients can benefit from my having had the experience of knowing the town and having photographed several weddings there. Now, however, they also benefit from me having a renewed energy coming back to this completely unique environment that is so different from anywhere else in the country! There is truly no other place in the USA like Vegas, especially in regard to photographing a wedding!

That’s why I was so happy that Melanie and Brad found me and commissioned me to photograph their wedding this past month! They truly had a great plan for a uniquely Vegas affair! Not only was it held in one of Vegas’ more famous venues, Caesar’s Palace, but they had a great turnout from their family and friends who traveled mostly from Edmonton and other parts of Canada! Most everything took place at Caesar’s Palace: getting ready photos inside their hotel suites, the ceremony took place at the Venus Gardens, and the reception took place at Spago’s Restaurant. Between the ceremony and reception, we were able to take a ride out to the famous Las Vegas sign for a few portraits and back to Caesar’s for additional fun photos around various fountains on the property. To top it all off, what Vegas party would be complete, without Elvis? Sure enough, the emcee and resident crooner himself (a look a like, actually!) entertained the guests during dinner and dancing! Enjoy some of my favorite photos below.



















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  1. Beautiful portrayal of Mel and Brad’s glorious day. You certainly brought out Mel’s exuberant personality in your photography. It sure looks as if everyone had a wonderful time.

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