10.03.11 – Kellie and Shay – The Wynn Hotel (Las Vegas, NV)

Kellie and Shay are a couple of crazy “Aussie’s” that somehow found me on the internet early in 2011 for their October wedding. Booking me over-seas, sight unseen, made me a little nervous, in all honesty, because you never know if personalities are going to mesh. I had a feeling everything would be fine because of a few email exchanges over the months before the wedding, but we finally met in person the night before. After a glass of wine, some basic planning, and a few laughs, I left the meeting ecstatic! I had no idea how fun and happy go lucky this couple would be! Did I say “crazy???” Kellie and Shay brought parents, family and friends all the way from Australia, and they all came to have fun and to celebrate the marriage of this terrific couple!

We began pretty early Monday morning, at the luxurious Wynn Hotel, photographing Kellie and Shay getting ready. They both had rooms with beautiful views: Kellie’s facing the Strip and Shay’s overlooking the palatial pool and golf course. Kellie’s dress was custom made for her by her mother-in-law, and it perfectly complimented Kellie’s energetic, enthusiastic, and spunky personality! By 11:30am, everyone was ready to go and headed down to the Wynn Hotel wedding chapel. Prior to the wedding ceremony, arrangements were made for Kellie and Shay to have a private “first look” which allowed me to capture this emotion-filled couple seeing one other in their wedding attire for the first time.

After the twenty minute-long ceremony, family portraits were photographed, a toast followed, and Kellie and Shay ran through a gauntlet of waving streamers! The fun was only about to begin! Shay rented a limousine to chauffeur us around the Las Vegas Strip for five hours! Our goal was to walk around town without any specific agenda, and have fun photographing whatever came our way! ***DISCLAIMER***: As a photographer who prides himself on documentary style photography, I had no idea what to expect! I have to admit I was nervous! I knew that I would have to be creative and spontaneous, and even willing to do the evil “P” word: “pose” the couple here and there! With any other couple, I am not sure that we would have succeeded as well as we did! Kellie and Shay are such a special couple! Their personalities were fearless, care-free, happy-go-lucky, willing to take chances, animated, and full of life! It took all of that for us to do what we did! I say this because I want any future clients, looking at this blog to realize what it takes to make these kind of photos! It was truly a 50/50 collaboration between the couple and I!

























  1. Ray, you are amazing!! Our photos are fabulous!! You added so much to our day. You were unseen in the ceremony, and yet, there are so so so many wonderful photos. You had amazing suggestions that not only added to our day but ensured that we got the most out of each and every second we had. AND you were that special extra touch that our day needed to make it the magical day that it was. From our hearts to yours, thank you. Thank you for your talents, your attention to detail, your willingness to spend the day with us. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! The Bulls

  2. Hi Ray
    As delighted as we were to have witnessed the marriage of this fantastic couple, next time could we all come along and jump in the puddles in the Vegas rain, eat pizza on Fremont Street, watch you take the piccies, then come back and party hard.
    Your photography captured in an incredibly candid manner, the magic, the fun, the excitement and the absolute joy shared not only by Shay and Kellie, but all of us present on their special day.
    Congratulations on your outstanding work – you will have to fly out to Aussie to photograph the next wedding …. but then again, we could all come to Vegas and do it all over again!
    From a mother of three daughters!

  3. very gorgeous photos of Kellie and Shays wedding! Congratulations to the happy couple! They are absolutely charming together! I just love their Vegas wedding! The Wynn Hotel wedding chapel is one of my a href=http://sceniclasvegasweddings.com/ rel=nofollowfavorite Las Vegas wedding chapels/a! It is just perfect for a beautiful and romantic wedding!

  4. Tears again!! What is it about you two that keeps making me cry haha. Amazing photos of two of our favourite people. Thank you Ray for sharing these with us Aussies 😀


  5. Ray, I’ve just watched the slide show … again … and WOW!!!! It still brings a tear to my eye, and a smile to my heart!! And I just had to say again, thankyou for being so amazing on our wedding day!!!! You really did ROCK OUR LITTLE WORLDS!!!!! Thank you!!

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