Top Ten Documentary Wedding Photos of 2012


Thanks to ten voters who helped me narrow down my best documentary wedding photos of 2012, I proudly present the best of my best from this past wedding season!  Actually, due to many images receiving the same number of votes, thirteen photos made the cut!  The top two images were clear winners with ten and seven votes, third and forth place were tied with five votes, and the remaining nine images had four votes each.


TIED FOR FIFTH PLACE (received 4/10 votes):

Best_2012_13The Colony Club, Detroit, MI, 09.01.2012

Best_2012_12Lovett Hall, Dearborn, MI, 11.16.2012

Best_2012_11Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Detroit, MI, 7.21.2012

Best_2012_10Wyndgate Country Club, Rochester Hills, MI, 7.28.2012

Best_2012_09Townsend Hotel, Birmingham, MI, 7.14.2012

Best_2012_08Indianwood Country Club, Lake Orion, MI, 9.15.2012

Best_2012_07Pine Lake Country Club, West Bloomfield, MI, 10.06.2012

Best_2012_06Wyndgate Country Club, Rochester Hills, MI, 7.28.2012

Best_2012_05Inn at St. John’s, Plymouth, MI, 6.29.2012

TIED FOR THIRD PLACE (received 5/10 votes):

Best_2012_04Townsend Hotel, Birmingham, MI, 7.14.2012

Best_2012_03Oakland Hills Country Club, Bloomfield Hills, MI, 11.10.2012

SECOND PLACE (received 7/10 votes):

Best_2012_02The Apostalic Church, Auburn Hills, MI, 6.08.2012

FIRST PLACE (received 10/10 votes):

Best_2012_01The Terranea Resort, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, 9.9.2012


  1. Like Martin, I’ve discovered your work through our Facebook group. You’ve got a wonderful approach and a collection of remarkable images here, it’s been nothing but a pleasure to look through. Good luck with 2013 and I look forward to viewing tons more of your work Ray.

  2. Love these photos! Just beautiful. I see how you and Alex can work together beautifully and give couples very personal yet so professional a remembrance!
    Wasn’t Rancho Palos Verdes a beautiful place? My brother and family lived there for a number of years.

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