05.17.15 – Liz and Chris – La Venta Inn (Palos Verdes, CA)


From the moment we spoke with Chris on the phone we knew this was going to be a very special wedding. It was a destination wedding to beautiful Southern California~encompassing Redondo Beach and Palos Verdes specifically. At the time we booked the wedding, Ray and I lived in Southern California~ but by the time it came to fruition, we had permanently relocated to Michigan and it was a “destination” wedding for us as well!

The day began at the Portofino Hotel in Redondo Beach where we first met Liz, her beautiful mother, and adorable bridesmaids in their room having their hair and makeup done. The ladies were fully into the basketball playoffs that happened to be on TV between the Houston Rockets and the LA. Clippers! Quite a cute moment considering the men had basically nothing on the TV at all! The men were very content and mellow just to be enjoying the day.  The bridesmaids and Liz’s beautiful mother donned their stunning dresses, while Liz held off to get ready at the quaint cottage on the property of La Venta Inn that was a short drive up the hillside to Palos Verdes. The gentlemen followed shortly after.

At the cliffside venue cottage, Liz and the ladies had the perfect setting for Liz to step into her stunning (and I mean STUNNING) gown! She finished the look with demure earrings and fabulous Swarovski crystal trimmed heels.  Liz and Chris had their “first look” of each other under the garden trellis on the beautiful grounds of La Venta Inn.  A very private moment, but definitely one to bring tears of joy! One can easily feel the love and admiration between these two in the photos of this moment!  The ceremony began within the hour, overlooking the beautiful Pacific ocean (with incredible weather of course!) …. The officiant, Alan Katz of “Great Officiants”, gave a very personalized and moving ceremony with just the right amount of FUN added! The photos of the smiles on Liz and Chris’s faces say it all!

The guests then retreated into La Venta Inn for a fun evening of drinks, dinner, and dancing to celebrate the newlyweds. As seen from the photos, many moving speeches were made in honor of the bride and groom. Lovely presentations from the tables to the food, and the cake and dessert table were very memorable. We were able to steal Liz and Chris away from the party for a few minutes to capture some stunning sunset portraits~( I still can’t fathom how Liz got down the grass hill in those heels so gracefully!!) The party culminated in a fun impromptu Hora on the dance floor making for some FUN dance photos with the bride and groom in the air, and everyone involved!

An incredible wedding for an incredible couple!!! We are sure this will be remembered by their family and friends for ages to come. We wish Liz and Chris the best always, and hope to someday be called upon to photograph little ones of theirs! 😉 Most of all we are thankful that they trusted us to document their special day, and we are proud to share the results!!

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