09.05.15 – Liz and Sante – Detroit Athletic Club (Detroit, MI)


What a perfect day Liz and Sante had for their wedding!  Blue skies with just the perfect hint of fall crispness in the air…. Both the ladies and gentlemen had fun times in their respective suites at the Detroit Athletic Club, with a few sentimental and touching moments with the exchanging of cards and gifts.

Liz’s parents were beaming with pride as they saw their daughter prepare to walk down the aisle to marry her love.  Liz and her father then climbed in the classic 1949 Packard (Motor City Vintage Rentals) to make their way up Woodward Avenue to The Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament.  Excitement was still buzzing in the chambers of the cathedral as the final preparations for the processional were being completed.

As the bridal party made their way to the front of the cathedral, the dramatic doors – briefly closed so as to allow Liz and her father to get in place and have a final moment together – swung open and the congregation saw the stunning bride for the first time!  She looked like a princess bride!!! So demure, classy, and of course radiant!  This isn’t to take the spotlight off her groom, as he looked every part the prince….tall dark, and handsome!  The smiles on both their faces (and everyone witnessing the ceremony) was enough to tell the entire story!

After the very personal and touching ceremony, we were able to catch a few photos on the alter, and then we headed back to the DAC (Liz and Sante of course chauffeured in the vintage Packard).  The cocktail party was in full swing, and the beautiful reception dinner area was set up and ready to receive its guests.  Before the introductions, however, the couple was given access to the rooftop of the DAC for a few more photos overlooking the Tiger baseball game and the cityscape of downtown Detroit.  It was an added blessing because construction in progress for a new rooftop addition to the venue, and we were privileged to get a sneak peek of this amazing addition! We headed back down to the mezzanine-level grand ball room in time for the couple to be announced, and make their grand entrance!  They were completely surrounded by their wedding party and guests as the Simone Vitale Band had everyone dancing in celebration! After cutting their cake and having their first dance as husband and wife, the dinner and festivities began!  Sprinkled throughout the affair were a few lively toasts~ it was felt by everyone in the room how much Liz and Sante are loved!

The evening continued with high energy dancing and entertainment as only the famous Simone Vitale and his fabulous band can do!  They played a fantastic variety of songs….something was in the mix for every generation!! At one point in the evening, Liz surprised Sante with a a choreographed dance to Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” that included all of her bridesmaids.  Sante was equally surprised and memorized by his beautiful bride as he sat center to the dance floor.  Near the end of the song, Liz pulled him onto to the dance floor to join the girls! At the end of the evening, following the dancing, the partygoers then made their way down to the Bowling Alley in the basement of the DAC for some bowling and late night snacks…..Liz finally got to take off her Manolo’s and put on some bowling shoes to join in the fun!  A fantastic wedding and a great evening had by all!  We are so thankful to have been chosen to be the photography team!

Video was provided by the very talented Lee Thomas and his crew of Lee Thomas Films.  Excellent event planning was provided by Tina Genitti and the team at the Detroit Athletic Club. Enjoy some of the highlight photos above and below to get a taste of this beautiful event!

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