09.25.15 – Kara and Matt – The Homestead (Glenn Arbor, MI)


This gorgeous September wedding day for Kara and Matt began with Ray meeting Kara and her bridal party at the Lilyjade Salon at the Homestead Resort in Glenn Arbor, MI, and David meeting the Groomsmen in their room.  The salon was bright and airy and had an awesomely energized feel as Kara and the most important ladies in her life primped for the wedding.  The girls then went back to the lodge to put their beautiful strapless dark navy dresses on and help Kara in to her beautiful gown…It was a mix of simply cut elegance with intricate detailing on the lace and beading.  It suited her (super fit) figure perfectly!!!  The men of course didn’t take nearly as much time to get ready, but looked handsome of course while still having time to knock around a few golf balls on the course.  Kara gifted Matt with a fantastic Detroit designed “Shinola” watch, which looked perfect with his wedding attire~and he gifted her with a gorgeous necklace which of course was worn proudly for the wedding!

The ceremony was to be held on the “mountaintop” overlooking Lake Michigan, and after the guests had made their way to the top via ski lift the wedding party shortly followed.  Anticipation followed as the beautiful bride took the ride to the top with her proud father.  Kara had the biggest, brightest smile we have ever seen! (In fact, we didn’t see her “not” smiling the whole day!!!)  Matt’s smile matched as he caught the first glimpses of her walking towards him at the ceremony site.  After a sweet, heartfelt ceremony with both tears of joy and laughter Kara and Matt were pronounced husband and wife!

After we captured some great sunset photos with the couple and their wedding party, we joined the cocktail hour for a few photos there before the grand entrance.  The couple (very active marathon runners) and bridal party came in donning race numbers, and the tables and place cards were all based on this unique theme as well!  The guests were served an amazing meal, and after a few heartfelt toasts the party began with “2 Bay’s DJ’s” playing great dance hits into the night!

Also helping make this event awesome, were “5th and Main” video productions to document the day in motion picture, and providing the beautiful decor at the Homestead resort was “Field of Flowers Farm”. It was an amazing day for an amazing couple and we thank them for choosing us to photograph it!

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