10.02.15 – Cathy and Doug – Royal Park Hotel (Rochester, MI)


What a fantastic day we had for Cathy and Doug!  The weather didn’t exactly co-operate with us, but everything else overshadowed it!  Instead of having their first look on the lawn at the Royal Park, Cathy and Doug had their first look as bride and groom in the palatial halls of the Royal Park hotel.

After their sweet “first look” they spent some time with their guests, and then the beautiful ceremony began in the conservatory.  The steady rain was actually a beautiful addition to adding texture and movement to their photographs…plus the atmosphere was so loving and positive, there could have been a hurricane and it would have been insignificant to the day!

Following the ceremony, Cathy and Doug made their grand entrance in a gorgeous (and HUGE) tent on the grounds of the Royal Park Hotel…. Toasts were made, and special dances were abundant….Everyone in the room felt the love …. Such fantastic decorations, food, and libations were enjoyed by all!!!

We are very proud to have been chosen by such a wonderful couple to document their wedding day~ We are so happy for Cathy and Doug and their new marriage…we wish them the best always!

We would be remiss not to mention Cathy and Doug’s wedding planner, Penelope Francis.  We had the chance to work with Penelope at a wedding last year at this same venue.  It was great to work with her and her attention to detail helped make this a great event! Cathy and Doug’s other vendors included Go Pro DJ, John Miller, who was excellent in entertaining the guests as was evident by the packed dance floor.  The beautiful floral arrangements was provided by CM2 Designs and the scrumptious cake made by Home Bakery.

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