10.23.15 – Debbie and Robert – Oakland Hills Country Club (Bloomfield Hills, MI)


We first met Debbie just a couple of months before her wedding day. It’s always a nice surprise to get a last-minute booking for a date that has been open all year. We don’t like to fill dates just to fill them… it’s important to make sure that we are a good fit for the couple! Fortunately we were for Debbie and Robert!

We had not yet met Debbie’s fiancé Rob, but did so just a few weeks prior to their wedding date when we photographed their engagement session. Photographing these sessions always gives us an opportunity to get to know the couple a little better. In this case, we would meet Rob for the first time! What we found was that they were a delightful and friendly couple and we could not be more excited to be photograph their wedding only a couple weeks later.

The wedding day arrived and we were to meet the couple for getting-ready photographs at the ceremony location, the First United Methodist Church of Birmingham. Debbie and Rob had thought out their day very well. They had incorporated they’re adult-aged children into the ceremony in several ways. One memorable moment during the ceremony was when Debbie’s son sang a solo with the couple looking on. You can scroll down below to see the emotional image during this song when Rob was wiping a tear from his eyes.

The reception followed immediately afterward at Oakland Hills Country Club just a couple of miles down the street. We always enjoy photographing at this prestigious and historical venue, and have many fond memories there (including being honored to photograph several presidents balls during the Christmas season over the years). It is still a thrill to walk into the main entryway knowing the history of this great country club! All of the worlds greatest professional golfers have played here as well as several PGA tournaments since the clubs founding in 1916.

During the summer months, the cocktail hour takes place on the veranda of the clubhouse overlooking the 18th hole. Because of the cooler weather the guests enjoy this time in the beautiful candle-lit lounge. This is always the perfect time for us to photograph the ball room in all of its splendor before the guests are seated. Traditional introductions of the wedding party were made by the DJ as the guests gathered on the dance floor. The couple immediately cut the cake and the celebration had begun! You could feel the jubilation in the air! The guests we’re seated in the dining room, a blessing was made by the minister, salads were served and toasts were made by the best man and maid of honor…even Rob took the microphone in hand to thank their guests for joining them. I love the photograph below of the genuine smiles on Rob and Debbie’s faces! In fact, you can see the joy Debbie was feeling in almost every photograph below because of her constant smile! You could not find a more beautiful bride!

After dinner, formal dances took place for the bride and groom and their children. Plenty of family portraits were made, as well, in front of the grand staircase of the main entrance. It was a wonderful evening to celebrate this beautiful couple and you can see the fun that took place on the dance floor! There was even a Photo Booth for the guests to get crazy with all kinds of hats, wigs and props! Check out the fun photo below of Debbie and her friends sharing a lollipop! (Beth and I even participated as we were leaving-you can see the fun photos of us today still hanging on our refrigerator door!) It was such an honor to be a part of Debbie and Robert’s wedding day! We are practically neighbors and look forward to running into them from time to time in beautiful downtown Birmingham.



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