11.08.15 – Dave and Bob – The Townsend Hotel (Birmingham, MI)


Dave and Bob’s wedding was very special to us for many reasons.  First and foremost, they are personal friends and we couldn’t have been happier to learn they were ready to tie the knot!  Also, knowing their backgrounds in the wedding industry we knew this was going to be a class act event!  Bob is the owner of Tiffany Florist (rated one of the top florists in the country!!!) and Dave is the right hand man for Carolyn Hefner, owner of “The China Closet” wedding and event planning.  Dave’s attention to detail and calm demeanor is sure to help every wedding he is part of run smoothly!  With the combination of these two talented gentlemen (and the expert planning of Carolyn Hefner with long time assistant Karen Toellen at her side), this was a recipe for total success from the get go and we were thrilled to be their documentarians of their big day!

The wedding day finally came, and we began at Temple Shir Shalom in West Bloomfield with Dave, Bob and their families.  Dave presented Bob with a beautiful pair of cufflinks to wear for the ceremony…. They were very personalized as they had map coordinates of 2 places that were very meaningful to them, including the location of their first date!  The couple, surrounded with the support of their families in the rabbi’s office, signed their marriage license and were ready for the ceremony.  As guests arrived and were seated in the Temple, an orchestra performed as David, Bob and their families awaited the processional. Finally the moment came, and Dave and Bob entered side by side as they approached the chuppa with their family joining them,  It was a beautiful jewish wedding ceremony led by their rabbi, filled with rich tradition, heartfelt reverence, and ultimately the vows of commitment were shared by these two men who finally, and legally, were betrothed to one another.

After the ceremony, family and guests headed over to the exclusive Townsend Hotel in downtown Birmingham to begin the celebration.  Cocktails and appetizers were enjoyed in the luxurious Tea Room as the happy couple received congratulations and many hugs and kisses from their guests.  Dave and Bob sneaked a peek into the ballroom to see the luxurious room, with incredible floral arrangements by Bob’s own Tiffany Florists, before guests would be seated.

The ballroom opened for their guests, revealing the exquisite decor that was of course stunning for all to see!  Dave and Bob had Rhythm Society Orchestra performing, and not only were they spectacular in sound, but they looked amazing!!!  The dinner began with a blessing over the challah followed by a beautifully presented and delicious meal.  Dave and Bob then worked their way around the room to greet their guests, and then cut their beautiful cake. As guests enjoyed a delicsious array of deserts, they began to populate the dance floor and celebrate the long-awaited wedding of this beautiful couple! As the night moved forward, of course, it included the traditional Jewish hora! What a terrific moment to see the mixture of excitement, surprise and joy on Bob and Dave’s faces! Even more, what a wonderful evening of celebration, love and the joining of families! Thanks to the RSO’s wonderful and lively music….every age from 3-93 was represented on the dance floor! It was a wonderful wedding to close out our year! We couldn’t be happier for Dave and Bob! Enjoy the photos above and below!

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  1. Dear Bob,
    Seeing you so happy with Dave makes me smile. Your wedding looked amazing
    And I am so happy for the two of you. Best of luck and I look forward to seeing you soon
    Andrea Solomon
    Andi Rott

  2. Dear Bob and Dave,

    Seeing these photos brought back the wedding in vivid detail. What a beautiful event it was!


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